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The online poker industry has moved forward from its first days as slow-speed upload sites with poor graphics and little to offer for online poker players but dull poker variants with no "action" involved. But ever since these days the online poker industries has improved its self in an exponential rate every year. As for now this industry generate millions of dollars in revenues.

There are more than 34 million poker fans using the internet to improve their skills everyday and the poker industry is well aware of it, that's the reason why online poker rooms publish their whereabouts in poker informational sites, they sponsor at main websites and so on.

Online poker sites are probably the biggest internet-recreational/online entertainment industry that shows profits quarter after quarter, this is the reason why brokers are now putting their money on the major online poker rooms.

In you would find many online poker resources, including latest news and poker guides, we offer you a free-to-use poker games that you may download via our linking page. The Poker industry has its own ways of luring you into their door but in this site we assure you that you would find no such traps. Enjoy our site and if you find anything misleading or wrong you can simply contact us and we'll do our best to fix it.


Latest news and resources

Knowing When to Fold in Poker

As important as the ability to read the opponent and making the good Poker draws is learning to fold and get out. While folding in Poker is not something that anyone likes to do, knowing when to fold can help you stay in the game much longer.


Coolio, Rapper and Poker Player

Rapper Coolio believes that rap artists should have some of the characteristics that poker players have in order to succeed. And he believes that he possesses such characteristics, making him good at both fields.


Watch How Guts Pot Increase Rapidly

The card game 'guts' is such an exciting game wherein the amount of pot increases in an erratic way. There are numerous variations and one of them is the variant where only the player holding the worst hand(which stayed in) must make the additional pot, but every player must double the pot rather than simply matching it. In this special cruel variation, nobody gets the pot except no one else stays in the round.

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