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In the world of online poker, one operator dared to be ambitious and comes up with an online 3d poker game. You can download this 3d poker game from the website, where it also says that this game is the first of its kind in the whole world of online poker.

The downloading time is quite short, unlike other programs, so do not worry too much. However, prepare to wait a long time in installing the game to your personal computer. This is quite understandable because the software contains above average graphics which might have cause the longer installation. Still it should not be an excuse, and online poker fans hope that in the future, this problem with installation time should be remedied. After the installation, you have to create a user account, like in other online poker games available today.

You may now create your own customized poker character. However, the choices are limited. But as an added feature, you can even take a snapshot of your character. Cool, right?

Again, like in most online poker games, you may choose whether to play real money poker or play money poker in this 3d poker game.

If you are new to online poker, it is advisable to choose play money poker over the real money poker. In this way, you will get more familiarized with the games and the system.

There are many online poker tables to choose from in this poker game. However, before you join a table, make sure you get your play money first from the lobby, or have deposited real money to your account. You will this money for your buy-ins. There are tables which are low stakes, and there are high stakes. There are more online poker players who choose to play high stakes in this online 3d poker game.

You may choose different camera views of the table. There are several camera options to choose from, you can even choose to close up your opponents. There is also a time limit for every turn, so be sure to act within the time limit, or your cards will be folded.

Being new to the online poker (this 3d poker game has just been launched), there are only a few online poker players who play this game. You may want to invite other people, poker enthusiasts like you to this game. Or else, if you are in a hurry to play where there is so much poker action, go to other online poker sites. However, you have to forget about your 3d graphics.

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