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Knowing When to Fold in Poker

When it comes to folding in Poker, new players make two kinds of mistakes: they either fold too early or too late. By knowing the appropriate time to fold, you will be able to save money for the next hand and at the same time, not regret that you pulled out too prematurely.

First, it is important that you learn not to fold in Poker too early. A lot of new players are overly cautious and tend to cop out at the slightest sense or sign of danger. That will not win you any pots, which is what you are playing the game for.

As an example, if you are holding middle pairs, like 77s or a pair of 8s, you do not necessarily have to fold, as many do. Take a look at the players on the table around you. If they are very tight, and you are in a favorable table position, then you can feel confident about making a bet with this hand. If you show signs of aggression and raise pre flop, many will fold and you will be able to take the pot down.

Also, by playing these hands, you will be adding an important element in your game plan, and that is variation. By not resorting to playing only premium hands, you will be difficult to read and bluff. Playing other hands gives a new dimension to your game.

On the other end of the spectrum are those players who will play with whatever they have. Folding in Poker is something that you should do if the situation demands it. For instance, if you have A7 off suit, there is no reason to stay with it all the way to the river, because there is nothing to gain.

Also, you should avoid being a chaser; so many players holding As, 2s end up chasing a flush all the way to the river, costing them their stack.

That is just poor Poker strategy, not aggression. When you are playing Poker, always keep in mind your stack. If you have nothing (and you should know when you do not) then you should pull out.

Folding in Poker is not copping out. It simply means biding your time and waiting for the right time to strike back. What distinguishes the pro from the amateur and maniacs is that they know when to pull out of the current game and get back at the next.

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Knowing When to Fold in Poker

As important as the ability to read the opponent and making the good Poker draws is learning to fold and get out. While folding in Poker is not something that anyone likes to do, knowing when to fold can help you stay in the game much longer.


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