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Online and Poker Tourney Cheating: The Facts

Some people who want to play online Poker are often held back by the belief that somehow they will be cheated or that the money they deposit will be stolen. The same is also often claimed for those who play in Poker tourneys. However, a sober evaluation will show that these are both unfounded.

The fact is that online Poker rooms are among the most secure sites anywhere on the Internet. There is no way that an individual can break into your account and steal your money without failing to alert security. Also, there is no way that a person can break in and manipulate the shuffling of the cards or read your starting hands.

The same can be said for Poker tourneys. If it is online, the same technology and security that is applicable in cash games also applies here, so there is no way that the results can be manipulated. The software that is used to handle the shuffling and dealing of hands are sophisticated, and cannot be hacked into without causing a disturbance in the entire system.

Furthermore, it is a fact that as online Poker continues to spread and gain widespread use, the technology that is used to provide financial security is always being improved. The point is that it is not only in land based casinos is there high tech security. The same can be said for the online gambling world.

In land based Poker tournaments, players used to cheat by handing chips to other players after a game. Others used to palm the chips. However, these are no longer possible, because chips now have computerized equipment inside them that allows casino personnel to detect any unusual activity, or if they are misplaced.

Even if there were some isolated cases of people attempting to cheat in Poker tournaments, those are now a thing of the distant past. It is only in the minds of people, especially those who have not played in tourneys, that the idea of widespread cheating takes place.

The moment that you play, however, be it online or in a Poker tourney, you will realize just how safe and secure it is.

It is only natural for someone who has never played online Poker or in a tourney to be concerned. However, the best way to combat this feat is by learning the facts. And as the facts show, there is no basis for any of the fears that people have concerning cheating.

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