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Playing poker is meant for you to enjoy your free time, but if you want more from poker, such as making money by playing, you must learn how to use your poker bankroll. A poker bankroll is a sum of money with which you enter the game. It should be at least 30 times the amount of the minimum bet of the table. If you play at a $1-$5 poker table then bring at least $30.

The average amount should be $75 for this kind of table, if you plan to play 45 minutes. For each half an hour you want to play add $50 if you're a novice player and $20 if you're an experienced poker player that doesn't do common beginners mistakes. The bigger your initial bankroll is – the more space you have to maneuver.

If you want to play poker then you must prepare your bankroll, but always make sure that you play with money you can afford to lose. Remember – a good player would build his bankroll slowly with time, don't rush things, let your gaming skills increase your bankroll and don't let your emotional side take over you when you think about your poker bankroll.

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