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Poker Hands and Their Rank

Hands in poker follow certain order, or rankings. This is how poker players would know which hands they can beat and which hands could beat theirs. There are different combinations of cards in poker, and the higher ones, you would want to form.

If you want to talk about the highest hand in poker, then royal flush is the one you should be talking about. This hand is so rare that even those who play poker a lot do not see this hand get played. This hand is very hard to form; you will need a 10, jack, queen, king and ace of the same suit to have a royal flush. The royal flush beats any hand in poker. If you could remember in the movie Maverick, this is the one that Maverick got in the final round. To get a royal flush is really a one-in-a-million chance, and is considered to be magical.

Following closely next is the straight flush. In poker, this is a five-card hand in which the five cards being in succession and are suited. Unlike in royal flush, cards in straight flush need not to be the highest cards. They can start from any of the cards, for example is a suited 5 to 9 straight.

Below the straight flush are the four-of-a-kind and the full house, which are quite similar to each other. Form a four-of-a-kind by combining all four cards of the same type, for example, are four Jacks. A full house is formed in poker by combining three cards of a type and a pair. Example of full house in poker is three nines and a pair of 6's.

Weaker than the ones already mentioned, but still are powerful hands in poker are the flush and the straight. In poker, the flush is a combination of any five cards suited. A flush can beat a straight, which is a combination of five cards that are in succession. A straight flush in poker is like a straight, but the cards are not suited.

The following three hands are the most common and are the weakest hands in poker. In poker, they are called three-of-a-kind, pair and high card. Three-of-a-kind is like four-of-a-kind, minus a card. A pair is like three-of-a-kind minus one card. On the other hand, a high card is the highest non-pairing hand in poker. These are the three hands you are most likely to get in poker.

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