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The Pitfall of Poker Card Engrossment

Some say poker is watching the hand closely and dwell on how it can come up with the best winning poker card combination. Winning at poker, after all, is all about having the highest card combination. Thus, this over engrossment on the card, making the eyes strain at them, is what keeps so many poker winnings from happening. Read on because here's more.

So when cards are dealt out and we see what's available in our hand, we try to figure what poker card combination will best work for the hand---and it must be the combination we can quickly gather and fix. So wait for the chance for the missing cards to suddenly pop up before one's eyes to complete the right poker combination. Or, sometimes, we try to assemble two possible hands for a surer poker win and wait for the missing card to materialize.

The above are scenarios that keep our eye glued on the wrong thing---the poker cards. The cards determine in the end who wins and loses, but before this, the poker game is mostly about paying attention to the opponents. Here's an important poker principle on this: Pay attention to the players, not the cards. Having a high poker card combination (like a straight flush) is good, but high cards do not always show themselves each game session. Waiting for high cards to appear is an idler's game. The thing really is to outwit the opponents.

Outsmarting the opponents is by reading their actions, true situations, and intents, plus one's own bluffing and poker tactics. This comprises majority of the poker game until all the cards are flipped over. In fact, veteran poker players seldom get to the flip-over phase of the game. They either succeed in getting the opponents to give up and fold or they themselves fold before the game ends as they discern their opponent's hand. This lessens the impact of losing and keeps one competent in the game.

When a good, sure hand comes along, a good poker player knows how to exploit the situation best. With a few acting and pretensions, the player can have some gullible players believing in their hand and fill up the pot with bills. It's milking time. Then, the player can flip the cards to everyone's surprise and rake in the hefty pot.

So too much attention to one's card is one of the best ways to lose at a poker game.

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