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The Two Other - Types of Poker Games

Once you know the fundamentals of Texas Hold 'Em, then you're on the road towards mastering other famous types of poker games - Omaha, and the 7-Card-Stud. Essential to this is knowing the basic differences between the three.

The Three Famous Types of Poker Games:


First, the two players to the left of the dealer place 'blind' bets to the 'pot' to ensure that there are some money to be won. The two players place these bets 'blindly' or without seeing any cards yet. The first player places the 'small blind' and the next one placed the 'big blind.' Then, the players are dealt with two faced-down cards called 'hole' or 'pocket cards.' And then the 'pre flop' betting begins (There are four rounds and every one takes turns clockwise.). The first to bet is the player to the left of the last bettor or the big blind bettor. In betting, the player can either 'call' or match the previous player's bet, 'raise' or increase the bet, or 'fold' or invest no money and give up his cards and the wager. IF the first bettor 'raises' from the big blinds bettor's bet, then the big blind bettor cannot 'check' but rather, call, re-raise, or fold. The remaining players then takes turns betting, calling, re-raising, or folding.

Next, the dealer places 3 faced-up (random) cards in the middle of the table. These are called 'community cards' (a total of 5) because all the players can use these cards to combine with their hole cards to make their 'hand' of five cards. Then the second round of betting begins (called the flop).

Next, the dealer places the 4th community card, and the third round of betting ensues (the turn).

The dealer places the 5th or last community card, and then the last round of betting (or the river). The player whose hand is the highest in the 'rank of hands' will win the total 'pot money'.

IF in the end there are two remaining players, then there will be a 'showdown' wherein the players will reveal their cards. The one with the highest ranking hand wins; But if they have equally strong cards, then they share the pot equally.

These set of rules is the very same rules followed by the other types of poker games - only with a few deviations.

The Other Two Poker Games: The Difference:

OMAHA POKER: Instead of receiving two 'hole' cards, players receive 4. On the other hand they can only use two of these cards at a time with three community cards to make up a hand.


Among the other poker games, the 7-Card-Stud is a more challenging game requiring more patience. In stud poker games, there is absolutely no community cards to help players with their hands. And instead of having blind bets (small blind and big blind) from only two players, to start up the pot, ALL players must place their initial bets or 'ante.' To start the game, the dealer randomly gives two faced-down card ('holes') and one faced-up card ('door' card) to players. The player with the LOWEST door card (in number and suit) starts the betting with a token bet called the 'bring in.' The others follow their bets clockwise. Next, the dealer deals another set of cards, and this time the player with the HIGHEST two-faced-up cards start the betting. On this round, and ONLY on this round, the player who has an open-pair can make a 'double bet.' In the succeeding rounds, the other cards are dealt with the HIGHEST player betting first, until, the 7th Street Round or the River. Here, the same player who started the last round will again start with the betting. IF in the end there are two remaining players, then there will be a 'showdown.'

If you want a different level of ease or excitement, then try the other two famous types of poker games. I assure you, this will get your interest started in playing the still OTHER types of poker games out there.

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